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If you are Registered and Logged In then the Upload tool will be visible at right.

Prepare your files as detailed below for preview or printing.

Use the upload tool to upload a file to us.

Please ensure that your image file names only contain letters, numbers and the underscore "_" or hyphen "-" characters and no spaces and have the appropriate file extension ( .jpg, .tiff ) 

If you are uploading multiple images then ensure they all have different names. Record the file names as you will need them in the tool.


Images for a matting and framing preview. 

If you are using the Custom Framing tool to obtain a quote for framing then you can see a representation of your matted image in the tool if you upload a preview. 

Please upload a JPG image no greater than 1024 x 1024 pixels. 


Images for printing. 

Please ensure that you have read the Printing Requirements.

If you are uploading an image for us to print then it needs to be of sufficient pixel size to print at the size you require.

As a guide, we need 90 pixels per inch for minimum quality, 180 pixels per inch for acceptable quality and 360 pixels per inch for best quality.

Images must be TIFF, JPG or PDF format.

All images A4, A3 and A2 will normally be printed with a border. This is because the printers have specific printable areas. If you require them borderless then this can be done at additional cost by using larger paper. Matte images may have a larger border, as they must use straight through paper paths. We adjust for this when cutting mat boards. 

If you image size is critical please advise us in the notes and we will contact you.

Images must be the same aspect ratio as the printable size that you require. The aspect is the number of pixels on the long side divided by the number of pixels on the short side. If you do the same calculation on the image size you must get the same number with the print size.

If they are not then the image will need to be cropped. 

The maximum image size is 50MByte.

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