We do Standard Printing, Fine Art Printing and Acrylic Mounting.

Standard printing is where we print a file that you provide without any adjustments or corrections. The customer must ensure that the file is "print ready".

Fine Art Printing is used to describe the process of making an extremely high quality print. In short, you are getting a print that could last a life time. More technically, we are using archival quality pigment inks onto acid free fine art matte paper with a high end machine usually with 8 or more colours and a colour managed workflow to ensure the most accurate colour. 

Acrylic Printing is where your photo is printed and then face mounted to the back of an acrylic sheet with polished edges. A backing is then applied to allow the photograph to hang slimly on the wall.

The term "Giclée printing" was originally used in 1991 and was often used to describe Fine Art Printing, however modern archival pigment inks and papers are now far superior to the dye inks, printers and papers of the past. 


Files For Printing. 

A high quality print requires a high quality file.

If you are uploading an image for us to print then it needs to be of sufficient pixel size to print at the size you require.

Images must be TIFF, JPG or PDF format.

The maximum image file size is 50MByte.


Pricing and Ordering. 

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