We can provide technical assistance support for the products that we use.

Generally this means Elinchrom, Hasselblad, Canon and Broncolor.

Note that we do not provide manufacturer support. If your product is under warranty then always contact your dealer.

We can assist with batteries for Elinchrom, Broncolor and Hasselblad and some software support for Elinchrom flash units and Hasselblad cameras.

We can provide general photography training.

Test Your Monitor For Colour Accuracy

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Examples of services available:


Restore or reset Elinchrom Quadra or ELB400 Lithium or Sealed Lead Acid batteries.

Convert RX receivers from Normal to Speed Mode or vice versa.

Update firmware.



Hasselblad H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 H6 battery grips

Update Firmware



Broncolor Mobil, A2R or A2L  batteries.


Contact us for more information.


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