Art Reproduction

Reproductions can significantly increase the income you make from art.


What is Art Reproduction?

Art reproduction is the process of making reproductions, or prints, of painted art works.


Why should I have make reproductions of my artworks?

You can only sell a piece of art once. Reproductions can be sold many times. Therefore reproductions can significantly increase the income you make from art.

If you sell your original work without making reproductions then you are severely reducing your potential income.

Look at it this way. Your art works took you a long time to produce and therefore you expect to get a reasonable price for them. People may see your piece in a gallery or exhibition and want to have it, but struggle with the investment required. Buying a reproduction not only allows them to have your work on display, but actually increases the value and desirability of the original work. The print hanging in their lounge room becomes an advertisement for yourself and spreads your name amongst their friends. 


What is involved in making art reproductions?

The artwork is photographed to the highest quality using advanced equipment, techniques and colour management to ensure the digital file produced has the correct colour and can be reproduced as a quality print of the original size. We use Hasselblad cameras. Hasselblad is arguably the world's finest camera. It is the camera brand that NASA took to the moon.

The capture must be done BEFORE you sell the originals, because it is hard to get them back once sold.  Ideally also do reproduction before framing. 

The production of prints using advanced colour management and printing techniques is the output step. We can print the reproductions for you. You have the choice of commercial paper, fine art papers or canvas.


Who owns the image files?

The artist will always own the image files. We give you the file, and we keep a copy for further prints if required. You are however free to get the file printed elsewhere.

You may also choose to sell the prints on your website or on our website on consignment.

We will never produce, sell or offer reproductions without your permission.


How do I get started?

Please Contact Us for more information.

An introductory video of the process is available here.



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