We stock mat board material in a range of colours in full size sheets of 1016mm x 812mm and also in the common smaller sizes.

Note - 20 x 16" is NOT 500 x 400 mm, even though the two are often used to mean the same thing.

20 x 16" is the size often used in camera club competitions.

500 x 400mm is the size often used in professional and international competitions.

The purchaser must check the required size from the specific competition rules.

20 x 16" is 508 x 406mm, but due to manufacturer variations, and to ensure consistent sizing, 20" x 16" orders are supplied as 507 x 405mm.



NOTE - If you are purchasing multiple products then the postage may calculate incorrectly. Multiple mat board sheets or sheets cut to any size are best purchased using the Quote and Simulation Tool. If you have any difficulties then please contact us.

Other material such as frame moulding and glass is also available using the Quote and Simulation Tool.