There are three types of printing that we do, being Standard Printing, Fine Art Printing and Acrylic Mounting.

These are explained in the Frequently Asked Questions included in the Printing Requirements.


You can upload a file to us from this website. Alternatively, you can post or bring the file to us.

If you are uploading multiple images then ensure they all have different names. Record the file names to use when previewing or ordering the images.

You will need to use "Create an account" and Login at right. Once you are ready and logged in then you can upload a file


Files For Printing. 

A high quality print requires a high quality file.

If you are uploading an image for us to print then it needs to be of sufficient pixel size to print at the size you require.

Please ensure that you have read the Printing Requirements.

Images must be TIFF, JPG or PDF format.

The maximum image file size is 50MByte.


Pricing and Ordering. 

You use the Quote tool to order your printing or obtain a quote.  

The price is based on a setup charge of $5 plus a printing area charge based on size in cm.

For standard papers this is $13 for an A4 equivalent size (approx 2.07 cents per square cm). 

For matte fine art papers this is $15 per A4 equivalent.

Fine Art Printing management if required is a $15 flat charge.

Acrylic prints are $30 setup plus $50 for an A4 equivalent.